1. This Privacy Policy is an integral part of the Terms of Use of project.

2. The terms and definitions given in the text below shall have the meaning defined in the Terms of Use.

3. For the purposes of the Terms of Use and current Privacy Policy OÜ, a company incorporated under the laws of Estonia under registration number 12960610, having its registered address at: Narva mnt 13-27, Kesklinna district, Tallinn city, Harju county, 10151, Estonia, shall be deemed as a processor of the personal data.

4. In order to operate the Pickoose Services and to reduce the risk of fraud, OÜ, the data controller, can ask You to provide Pickoose with information about yourself, which might be confidential.

5. For the purposes of this Policy, the term “personal information” shall mean any information and data by means of which a specific person can be identified.

6. By using the Website or Application and by registering on the Website as a User, Customer or Expert, You accept and agree with the terms of this Privacy Policy governing the main aspects of collection, storage, use and protection of your personal information obtained by Pickoose during your use of the Website and Services, and You provide your consent to Pickoose’s collection, storage, use and other processing of your personal information as stipulated in the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

7. User`s personal information may be used by Pickoose to operate and improve the services Pickoose offers to Users, including:

  • technical administration of the Website;
  • Users identification and orders administration;
  • planning and managing Pickoose`s business activities;
  • analyzing Users` consumer habits, success of advertisements and push notifications and Service preferences of our Users and their details;
  • providing Users with information about Pickoose Services and Website news;
  • to verify details of payment method used by Experts to pay for Pickoose Services;
  • passing on details of Consumer`s Task and personal information to the Users who are interested in provision of Services;
  • providing assistance from our Website User Support Service, responding to your queries, feedback, claims or disputes;
  • to facilitate communication between Consumers and Experts on the Website;
  • performing research or statistical analysis in order to improve the content of the Website, to improve Pickoose Services offerings and for marketing and promotional purposes.

8. Pickoose may collect, store and use the information about User`s visits to the Website, preferences of Users and Visitors in the search queries on the Website, including, but not limited to, using the tools such as “cookies”, “clear gifs”, “log files”, “flash cookies” etc. For more information about the purposes and methods of use of such tools by Pickoose, see the Cookies Processing Policy.

9. Pickoose shall not disclose your personal information without your consent, except in cases provided for by the Terms of Use and this Privacy Policy.

10. User personal information may be accessed by a limited number of Pickoose employees, affiliates, contractors, agents, service providers, services, financial and banking institutions requiring such access in connection with operation of the Website and Pickoose Services. If required, the relationship of Pickoose to such persons shall be governed by agreement containing the appropriate provisions and undertakings related to confidentiality and protection of personal information.

11. In addition, the access to your personal information may be obtained by the other Users when making a contact with them or during implementation of Order for Services. According to the provisions of the Terms of Use, such Users undertake to use the obtained personal information solely for the purpose of the implementation of Order for Services and Services provision and protect the same against the unauthorized use or disclosure. Pickoose shall not be responsible for any unauthorized use or disclosure of User personal information by the third parties.

12. User personal data and information can be disclosed by Pickoose to the third parties to protect, establish or exercise the legitimate rights of Pickoose, Visitors, Users and/or any third party, to enforce its claims, subpoena, court order, judgment or ruling, in connection with the legitimate requirements of authorities, or if Pickoose believes that such a disclosure is required for law enforcement, prevention of eventual physical damage or financial loss, investigation, prevention of illegal activities, fraud, threats to the property, as well as upon violation of the Terms of Use.

13. Depending on the specific circumstances, Pickoose may acquire and dispose of the assets and become a party to, or the subject of such transaction as sale, merger, liquidation, assignment and transfer of all or certain assets of Pickoose to the third parties. In such cases, your personal information may become one of the transferred assets. Users agree that in these circumstances they authorize Pickoose to transfer such information about Users at Pickoose discretion without notice. At the same time, Pickoose will require the persons who have received access to Users personal information as a result of these actions to comply with provisions of this Privacy Policy with respect to such data.

14. Pickoose shall not be responsible for the personal information of third parties, disclosed and/or posted by Users on the Website, as well as its confidentiality, integrity, and the consequences of its unlawful use by unauthorized third parties. The responsibility for maintaining the confidentiality and security of such information shall rest solely with the User who disclosed or posted the same. If Pickoose receives from User any personal data of the third parties, Pickoose agrees to use such information only for the purposes for which it was disclosed or provided to Pickoose.

15. In some cases, Pickoose may receive or collect the personal information of non-users of the Website and Services of Pickoose, including, but not limited to, when such a person:

  • subscribes to various newsletters of the Website;
  • receives an invitation from the Website User to visit the Website;
  • takes part in the Services provision;
  • receives a gift certificate for use on the Website.

16. Such personal information shall be used by Pickoose only for the purposes for which it was provided to Pickoose, and can be removed at the discretion of Pickoose by request of such persons to delete such information submitted to the Website User Support Service.

17. The Website may contain links to the other resources on the Internet. By accepting the terms of this Privacy Policy, the Users agree that Pickoose is not responsible for the content or privacy practices of such resources.

18. In some cases, Pickoose may contact regarding your activity on the Website by sending You a message. Some of these messages are service messages mandatory for You, and the other messages may not be mandatory and You can opt out of receiving them by changing the settings on your account page on the Website. Your can terminate the receipt of service messages only after deletion of the user account on the Website. These messages can be sent to You to the email address specified by You or to your account page on the Website.

19. Both the Users and non-users can subscribe to the email newsletters from the Website (including, but not limited to, marketing, advertising, discount, promotional, news, etc.). If required, the Users can opt out of certain mailings and cancel the subscription by modifying the settings on its account page on the Website. The non-users may unsubscribe following instructions contained in the letter received as a part of such mailing.

20. The Users may also be able to communicate in public places on the Website, such as groups, forums, communities, chats and by sending messages to other Users. Using these communication means, You accept the risks and agree that any personal information which You submit may be available for reading, collection, and use to the other participants of the dialogue and the third parties, including, but not limited to, for sending the unsolicited messages and letters, and may also become available to the public, including, after the deletion of your account on the Website. At the same time, Pickoose shall not be responsible for the content of any messages, letters, publications on the Website, as well as their possible consequences. You are responsible for any personal information that You disclose through such communication means on the Website.

21. In the course of establishing contacts with the Website Users and Visitors, You can get personal information of such persons, including, but not limited to, name, surname, patronymic, email address, delivery address, billing information, etc. Taking into account the objective of providing such information, You shall be entitled to use it solely for communications related to the Order and provision of Services. You shall not be entitled to use such information to send the unsolicited commercial e-mails or commit the other unauthorized transactions and activities.

22. Without previous visitors/users permition is not allowed to add them to mailing list, including emails and posts, save or use payment details and other personal information not on purpose. In the case of unsolicited emails or messages, users can refer to the Website User Support Service with the corresponding complaint.

23. Pickoose uses the physical, technical, software and administrative means to protect your personal information from unauthorized access and use, including in the course of its transmission and acceptance. Despite this, You agree that none of the methods of transferring information over the Internet can provide 100% security of the transferred data, so Pickoose cannot guarantee their absolute safety and security.

24. You can view and edit your personal information at any time in your account settings on the Website.

25. You can delete your account on the Website on your account page. If You delete your account on the Website, this account will be marked as deleted, and Pickoose will keep your personal information and data only if required to comply with our legal obligations, obtaining of remedies due to Pickoose, dispute resolution, enforcement of rights of Pickoose, Users, Visitors and any third party, any investigation, to prevent the unlawful acts, to enforce the provisions of the Terms of Use and to perform the actions stipulated by legislation.

26. This Privacy Policy may be amended at any time at the discretion of Pickoose. An updated and valid version of the Privacy Policy shall be published on the Website. The revised version of the Privacy Policy shall be effective from the date of its publication on the Website. In this regard, You agree to monitor the relevance of the Privacy Policy regularly and review its current version.

27. If You have questions related to the personal information or suggestions to improve this Privacy Policy, please, contact OÜ at or at the address: Narva mnt 13-27, Kesklinna district, Tallinn city, Harju county, 10151, Estonia or call +372 58316594. Our experts will answer You within 30 days upon receipt of your query.

Last amended 20.05.2016